Why I Wanted To Be A Medical Assistant and Not A Nurse

If you are considering entering the medical field but you don’t have the time to spend years in school then we have a great video for you. This short video is called “Why I Wanted to be a Medical Assistant and Not a Nurse”. Check it out here.

No time to watch? No worries, here is a quick summary of the video.

Brittany is a stay at home mom who was looking for a rewarding career that would allow her to support her family and send her young son to a private preschool. She always wanted to work in the medical field and she knew she wanted to have a meaningful career, but she wasn’t sure that becoming a nurse would be the best fit for her.

Why wasn’t nursing a great fit for Brittany? The years of schooling required to become a nurse didn’t appeal to her. Neither did the prospect of having to work weekends and holidays. So she started researching alternatives. That is when she discovered that she could fulfil her dream of working in the medical field by pursuing a career as a medical assistant!

Here are some of the reasons Brittany decided to become a medical assistant:

Shorter length of program

The amount of schooling required to become a medical assistant is much shorter than the amount of schooling required to become a nurse. Here at IBT you can complete your medical assistant training in as little as nine months!

Work schedule benefits

Medical assistants work Mondays through Fridays in a clean environment. That means that she has weekends and holidays free to spend with her family.

Gets to work in the medical field

She gets to fulfill her dream of working in the medical field, which is a growing industry with significant security.

Are you also considering the possibility of entering the rapidly growing medical field as a medical assistant? If so you’re in luck because IBT here in Santa Clara offers an accredited medical assistant program that can be completed in as little as 9 months. That means you can be on your way to a rewarding career in healthcare in under a year!

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