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IBT’s Medical Biller/Coder/Office Specialist Program

Are you aware that the health care industry is growing and has been for several years now? The Baby boomers are getting older, and more and more people are in need of medical assistance. Take your career one step further with medical billing and coding courses, it’s a career field where students can help in a medical atmosphere.  According to the US Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2015, “The demand for health services is expected to increase as the population ages. An aging population will need more medical tests, treatments, and procedures. This will mean more claims for reimbursement from insurance companies.” It’s a career filled with compassion—and a career you can be proud of. Envision assisting in a medical office or an insurance company, billing and coding for allied health companies. This is a career that takes heart, and if you think you’d enjoy helping others, then you deserve to learn more about becoming a medical billing and coding professional.

At IBT our Medical Biller/Coder/Office Specialist program prepares students for a variety of entry-level positions in the Allied Health Care Career Field. These positions include a Medical Biller, Medical Billing Specialist, Medical Insurance Specialist, Medical Coder, Medical Records Clerk, Hospital Admitting Clerk, and/or a Medical Administrative Assistant.

A Medical Biller/Coder/Office Specialist are responsible for many important tasks in the medical office. Their duties include creating a record of observations and medical treatment for each patient that is treated by a healthcare professional. After doing so, the Medical Billing/Coding/Office Assistant should assign a code to each diagnosis and procedure. In order to execute this properly, students will learn how to use various software programs to prepare and process medical insurance claims.

IBT students enrolled in this program will learn comprehensive medical coding and billing procedures. After doing so, they will be able to demonstrate an understanding of current medical software and trends in the insurance industry. Students will code and prepare insurance claims and analyze benefits. IBT’s program provides hands-on training for students so that they are prepared for many tasks in the real medical world and the work force. If you’re ready to start your career in the medical field, then IBT’s Medical Biller/Coder/Office Specialist program may be the right choice for you! This program provides our students with the training that is needed to finally reach a level of success for a medical career with possible advancement opportunities in the medical field in the future.


Upon completion of the program, the student will be prepared to enter the health care career field through entry-level positions such as a Medical Biller, Medical Billing Specialist, Medical Insurance Specialist, Medical Coder, Medical Records Clerk, Hospital Admitting Clerk, and/or a Medical Administrative Assistant in a medical/health care or medical billing office.

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