“Real Life” – Job Tasks of an Electrician (Part 1)

There are generally 4 types of electricians: commercial, residential, journeymen, and master electricians. While their tasks or guiding purposes may all be quite similar, each type has a specialization and setting that sets it apart from the rest. These distinctions are important to understand to ensure that you choose the right type and program for you!

To make such a critical decision, it can help to know and imagine the tasks you will be expected to perform in your field. In this week’s post, we focus on the job tasks specific to that of a commercial electrician to provide that insight; insight into the tasks that we here at IBT in Santa Clara, California, prepare you for in our Electrician Training Program.

Firstly, a commercial electrician is one that works on construction sites, in commercial buildings and on mechanical electrical systems. They deal with many aspects of installation, including that of water heaters, commercial security systems and electronic key systems. They may also deal with troubleshooting and upgrading systems due to faulty wiring.

Secondly, the work of a commercial electrician can have direct effects on public safety. This means they must follow strict standards to ensure that safety. Usually, before one earns their license as a commercial electrician, one must work under a master electrician (highly skilled electricians that are trained and experienced supervisors or owners of their own contracting business).

So, what are these tasks you are expected to perform as a commercial electrician? We’ve listed the following specialized tasks of a commercial electrician below, but check out this video too, for a visual of these tasks at work:

  • Handling Materials
  • Prepping Steel Wall Studs
  • Pulling BX Cable
  • Pulling Wire through Conduit
  • Installing Wall Plugs (Both Rough-In and Finishing Phases)
  • Installing Light Fixtures (Both Rough-In and Finishing Phases)
  • Termination of Large Conductors
  • Installing Cable Trays
  • Installing Conduit
  • Installing Switch Gear
  • Installing Bus Duct


Becoming a commercial electrician is a lot of work. But if you like working with your hands and solving problems, this could be the right career for you. These qualities, coupled with the right preparation from our Electrician Training Program in San Antonio and proper certification, you could be on your way to a number of employment opportunities, including:


  • Building Warehouses
  • Working with Electrical Contractors
  • Installing Electrical Equipment
  • Constructing Maintenance Providers
  • Owning Your Own Business


There are a plethora of opportunities as an electrician, just waiting for you!


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