Career Services at IBT

The Career Services Department

At the Institute for Business and Technology (IBT), students can get into the program of their choosing and be prepared for a career in a growing industry in about a year.  With a variety of programs including Massage Therapy and Medical Assistant training, students at IBT get hands on training to prepare them for what they will do on the job on a daily basis. Perhaps the largest source of anxiety and stress for those that choose to further their education is finding a job in their particular field of study. Fortunately, the Career Services Department is there to help students prepare for what it takes to get the job that they are after.

Some of the services offered by career services are aimed at helping students prepare for getting an interview. Through resume services and cover letter assistance, IBT helps ensure that when a student applies for a position, they have a good chance of landing an interview.  But the department does not stop at getting an interview; they also offer individual attention and interview techniques to assist in answering even the toughest interview questions. Although the application and interview process are equally important for getting hired, first an open position must be found.

IBT students also have access to the placement and salary statistics that are collected and recorded by the career services department. The department also develops and maintains employer contacts, allowing students to get a foot in the door before graduation.  It is not only graduates that need assistance in securing a job, but current students as well. Students enrolled at IBT can get assistance with job placement during their studies, in order to help pay for tuition and personal expenses as well. The experienced faculty and staff can also aid in career exploration and decision making, which may help relieve some of the stress that students feel under the pressure of a career search that could determine their future.

At the end of the day, although IBT cannot guarantee employment, the reason that students attend IBT is to gain an entry-level job in a field that they are passionate about and can make a living in. Beyond the classroom and training, the faculty and staff at IBT are devoted to giving students and graduates the keys to their own future. To get on the fast-track to a career, give IBT a call today!

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